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Vote Yes to Build Our Library

New Library, No New Taxes

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It’s time to vote YES on Gladstone’s new library. For too long, Gladstone residents have lived with a library that does not meet our needs. The existing library is crowded, inaccessible to handicapped persons, and in need of costly repairs. The roof is leaking in several places, computer access is limited, and lack of space makes it difficult to accept or store new or donated materials. The new library, which will require no new taxes, will provide the community with meeting rooms, increased computer access, parking, and a beautiful new children’s room. The library will draw new families to our community and add to the livability of our city.

Let’s vote YES  on Measure 3-413 on November 6th.


Author: yeslibrary

A group of citizens working to get our new library built in Gladstone, Oregon.

One thought on “New Library, No New Taxes

  1. There need to be more vote Yes signs for the library. We would be glad to put one in our yard if you would tell me who to contact. I was in downtown Gladstone yesterday and there were too many vote No signs. Thanks for your help.

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